Mission Statement


Krasner Review was founded after fifteen years of tutoring experience and fine-tuning what works best for students.  Our aim is to increase students’ confidence and take stress out of the equation, keep students accountable, and offer a personalized regimen for each student.  The result: a significant point increase for each student come test day.

Our tutors each have significant tutoring and teaching experience, extensive training of Krasner Review methodology, and can quickly pinpoint each student's needs to create a customized, stress-free tutoring regimen.  Each student is unique, and our tutors create personalized session handouts to fit different learning styles.  



What to Expect

  • Immediate one-on-one consultation to ensure that the tutor is the perfect fit and to assess strengths, weaknesses, and preferences
  • Personalized tracker that includes daily homework assignments, a practice exam tracker, a vocabulary list, and a weaknesses tracker to help foster accountability
  • Individualized session handouts that match each student's learning style, focus on weaknesses, and offer comprehensive instruction that covers the entire exam
  • Experienced tutors who have advanced degrees, extensive training, and significant teaching experience, so each student feels comfortable, empowered, and inspired
  • Flexible study through which our tutors will meet with students in person, online, and in groups, at any hour on any day of the week, making it easier to fit with each student's schedule